Sunday, April 19, 2009

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bright red cartage trolley

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hansa trolley

We have just deployed our exciting new cartage trolleys. Our trolley factory is capable of producing 5 trolleys per week. Our goal is to produce 130 trolleys, and to date we have built 9 new trolleys.

We could really use your help to build more. Sponsor a trolley and get your brand seen on the streets of Joburg. At a cost of only R1200, you can sponsor the construction of a cartage trolley, and help legitimize a livelihood for a trolley pusher.

Please contact us for further advertising info. Just drop us an email, and we will get back to you asap:

Trolley Works Research Project

on bree street

riding trolleys

Our beautiful research trolleys have finally been deployed and the team have begun the process of land use mapping in Joubert Park and the Fashion District. The objectives of the research project are to develop a comprehensive profile of the economic activities in Joubert Park and the Fashion District.

By mapping the relationship between economic activities and cultural identity, the project aims to bring about awareness to the potential role of migrant controlled business as contributing towards the economic and cultural regeneration of the inner-city of Johannesburg.